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Osh (ocupational safety and health) services

We prepare necessary documents for the company in the area of ocupational safety and health:

  • - Order for determining duties and responsibilities in the osh area for designated persons;
  • - Order on the elaboration and approval of osh instructions;
  • - Ocupational safety and health instructions for all occupations / workplaces;
  • - Order on occupational risk assessment at workplaces;
  • - Method of assessing occupational hazards at workplaces;
  • - Risk assessment sheet;
  • - Order for the elaboration of the annual plan of protection and prevention;
  • - Annual protection and prevention plan;
  • - Personal training sheet in the area of safety and health at work for all employees;
  • - Register for osh guideliness.
  • - Register of accidents at work
  • - Fire safety training book, etc

The value of the service package is negotiated according to the number of employees, the specificity and complexity of performed activity.

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