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Auditing is an activity whose purpose is to help the company achieve its objectives. This is done through a systematic methodology that analyzes business processes, procedures, and activities in order to highlight the problems the company is facing and to propose recommendations for addressing them.

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The audit service is carried out in order to understand the status of your business at this moment and the direction it is heading or can be headed to. Clarity in business is extremely important and is the one underpining the evolution of a company.
Conducting the audit
We provide a complete range of audit services, such as:
Tax audit
Independent audit of the authenticity and accuracy of tax returns of the company, as well as the accuracy of calculation and payment of taxes and related fees. The main purpose of such an audit is to prevent and avoid tax risks.
Financial audit
The examination by a competent and independent auditor of the financial statements of the entity (or parts of financial statements) in order to express a reasoned opinion on the true, clear and complete position and financial situation and results (performances) obtained. Financial audit checks financial statements, processes and transactions of a company.
Audit of individual and consolidated financial statements
The audit of financial statements is the examination by financial auditors in order to express an opinion on the financial statements in accordance with the auditing standards that are in line with international auditing standards.
Assistance in preparing financial statements
Intelcont provides professional assistance in order to provide a responsible and independent opinion by reference to a certain criterion for preparing an accurate financial statement.
Thematic audit
Thematic audit of a particular segment of company's assets or liabilities. As a result, the client receives an audit report with a detailed description of actions and procedures performed, identifying deviations and violations, as well as recommendations for their removal.
Conducting the audit
We provide a complete range of audit services, such as:
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The benefits of an audit have already been appreciated by many companies. The audit report has the role of expressing the auditor's opinion on the systematization and accuracy of data presented in the financial statements, and from their synthesis results a truthful, clear and complete picture of the assets.
We analyze the issue
We analyze the issue
In order to provide you with the most useful types of audit, we look at the current situation in your company.
Qualified experts will study the organizational-legal form of the applicant, the type of activity, the features of the accounting system, etc. Our auditors will be able to formulate the weaknesses that require a detailed verification and are at an increased risk. As a result, invest in the kind of audit you need - accounting, calculating and paying taxes, filling in tax returns, real asset value or more.
We organize a meeting
We organize a meeting
After preparing an offer, we invite you to a confidential meeting at our office.
To get detailed information about the offer, we are ready to answer any of your questions. We invite you to a confidential meeting where our staff will clarify all the details you are interested in.
We sign a contract
We sign a contract
At the end of the meeting, we will seal our agreements through a contract of collaboration.
We do it in order to be sure of our professionalism and responsibility and that we will respect all understandings and agreements
We carry out the project
We carry out the project
After signing the contract, we will initiate an audit to give you valuable recommendations in the shortest time possible.
The audit report is the final part of any audit. In order for you to receive it on time and have time to take action to eliminate all deficiencies. Our staff will examine the primary documents, analyze data from multiple sources, and perform all their obligations under the approved action plan.
Five steps to calculate the cost of audit services
1 year
To 100 thousand MDL
Up to 3 employees
One stage: full year
Analyzing data
Build a cost model
Preparing the result for sending
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What questions can the auditor answer?
How efficient is the internal control system of your company. If the internal control system is not efficient - there is a risk of losing the company's assets, including from the fault of the staff;
Do the company's accounting policies meet the needs?
Are your company's assets the ones that are reflected in the bookkeeping? If the stocktaking has been formally conducted, there is a risk of discrepancy between what actually exists and what you have reflected in your accounting records.
Have your assets and liabilities been properly valued? If the valuation is not correct, then the value of the company is not a accurate one. Therefore, it will not be attractive to investors.
How relevant is the information described in the Explanatory Note to the Financial Statements.

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