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Intelligent accounting

If you have decided to open a company and start a legal activity on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the lack of a qualified accountant will create great difficulties. Only highly qualified accountants work in our company, they know accounting, they love accounting, and can understand your needs.

You will have your own accountant

Our accountants will provide you with the highest degree of quality. We are always at your disposal over the telephone or Internet. All our clients have a personal manager who will answer any questions related to accounting and taxation.

Advantages of working with Intelcont:

  • You will save time, money and stress for not having to look for an office accountant. You will not pay additional expenses, workplace arrangements, specialized software procurement, additional tax payments, and you are totally free of the risk of hiring an unprofessional accountant or one with a poor education.
  • Our response time is the shortest possible when it comes to questions about your business (up to 24 hours)
  • Our price offers will pleasantly surprise you. Likewise, we will provide an appealing discount schedule that will meet your needs and requirements.
  • You are free from the risk of hiring an unqualified accountant,that will cause you to pay fines, penalties, etc.
  • Your employees will be covered as well. We help you prepare the necessary papers for hiring staff, modifying staffing schemes, laying off workers, calculating salaries, regular holidays, medical leave, and related taxes.
  • We accurately keep the primary documents of your company and we are available to explain at any time any "figure" in the balance sheet.
  • We offer you not just the calculation and bookkeeping of the company's taxes, but also methods of cost efficiency and tax minimization (of course, within the limits of the law). Better said - optimization
  • You will not be worried about the accurate and timely reporting of your accounts. We will deal with them.

What to do with primary paper documents?

It is equally difficult to organize a business and avoid routine work with various documents and papers. We will do this. We will process them, archive them and keep them for as long as necessary.

Who will issue invoices, payment documents and other accounting documents?

Depending on your needs, we offer you various "package" solutions, including or not, options for preparing primary documents, keeping and delivering them.

What about the checks, invoices from economic entities?

These documents are very important for an accurate bookkeeping. They would have a direct effect on the company's revenues and expenditures, as well as the accuracy of tax calculations. Please scan / take a photo and send them electronically. If you have put together many documents and papers, we could send a courier to pick them up.

Note: We will need that until the 10th of the following month, all primary documents in the original to be submitted to your supervisor.

Do I need to keep all documents on paper?

According to the law, you are obliged to keep the primary documents for not less than 3 years (depending on the type of documents). We offer you the possibility of keeping the primary documents in our archive. We will sort and archive them. Later you will be able to retrieve a document or pick up the entire archive at any time.

How are we better than an ordinary accountant?

The main purpose of our company is convenience and quality. You can communicate with us via the phone or internet. In addition, an office accountant needs holidays, sick leaves, etc. For these periods you pay them anyway. With us, you will not have such worries. An office accountant would cost you 2-3 times more than our services, but you will not be fully assured of his professional competence.

Do you have any questions?

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  • - In the event of errors and mistakes in the accounting records, or failure to submit timely statements and reports, we bear material responsibility for the payment of fines and penalties.
  • - In case of audit, we provide assistance and ensure that this audit runs within the limits set by law.
  • - If you do not like one of our accountants, we will provide you with another one.
  • - If you decide to leave us, we will do this quickly and without obstacles: we will prepare the whole package of documents, the set of necessary information.

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