About Intelcont - smart accounting

   IntelCont Consulting LLC employs experienced accountants and economists who provide full accounting and financial consulting services to companies. Our goal in providing accounting services is to replace a full accounting and human resources department that you would employ in the company and at the same time provide you with the comfort of a well-done work.

   It all started from the idea of creating an accounting company different from the others. A service that works in and for the client's interest; a team that gives the client the freedom to do what he likes, without him having to bother with the financial and accounting part, and when problems arise, they take the initiative into their hands and help solving them.

   It is well known that to do something requires dedication and love. Our accountants know accounting, love accounting and can understand your needs with the sole purpose of providing customers with complete accounting services to the smallest detail.

   We know that for objective, and sometimes subjective reasons, it is extremely difficult to find qualified specialists, especially in the area of bookkeeping, where there is an acute need for punctuality, increased attention, accountability, accuracy and much more. We carefully select our staff taking into account their potential and professional skills. We are confindent in our staff and we are ready to offer you top quality services. Our customers will not be left alone to deal with problems and difficulties they encounter during the course of their business, to the contrary we are ready to give them all the support in solving them. We want to implement a business culture, especially in the area of accounting, which will meet all the quality standards.

    Intelcont stands out due to its professionalism, promptitude and excellence. In fact, the very foundation of this accounting firm is based on customer's full satisfaction. We work with, for and in the interest of the client. All of our customers are important to us. Intelcont treats each individual customer with the same care and attention regardless of the type of activity or turnover.

   Starting from the motto of our company: "One corrupt accountant is worse than the enemy's army," Intelcont wanted to provide the customer with financial and accounting services of maximum efficiency that would provide safety and confidence, day-to-day bookkeeping, seamless accounts and reports, and a wide range of ancillary services with clients being relieved of the stress regarding tax and accounting side of their companies.

   Having said that, I think you have in mind a clear idea about our values and ideals. We hope that by giving you the opportunity to know the "behind the scenes" of our business, we have been able to show our transparency and openness towards a mutual confidence-based collaboration.

Sincerely yours,
The Intelcont team